Tote 线上赌场游戏 Placepot is the favourite pool bet of the UK and of Ireland, giving punters big payoffs without even having to choose a winner. Betting on Placepot is accessible through all leading Online bookmakers and every horse racing conference.

To win with a bet on a placepot, the wager must pick a horse from the 1-6 races on a chosen race card, enter a draw, and split the pool into a winner. The Placepots dividend, which was averaged in 2015, is £407 to £1 and the record placepots dividend is £91,774,50 to £1.

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One punter landed from £2 in the Cheltenham Festival in 2019. It stopped short of the largest Placecepot in history at a whopping £91,283.10 per £1 share. If it sounds like your bet, read on while this page tells you more about betting on the Placepot.

Explained placebo betting

To make a bet on the casino singapore 3win2u placebo draw, at the selected British or Irish horse racing meeting, punters have to choose one horse for each of the first six races. Any race can also be chosen for any additional horses, but the greater the amount of horses to bet, the more cost the bet.

Temporary Costs Calculation

You easily multiply the number of choices selected in six competitions in your calculation of the cumulative expense of your bet on the placebo: This is a very common Placepot kind, but with this Pool Bet you can play a variety of various Placepot permutations. 

Place a bet place

Placepot is a pool bet regulated in the UK by Tote Placepot or Ireland by Tote Placepot. You can use the Tote Placepot Window, the Tote Placepot online or on one of the top online reservation and wagering exchange companies to place your placebo bet on the race.

A non-runner in a square?

Where every horse you like is a non-runner, the horse which starts the race will be the favourite of your stake in the SP. When joint or joint favourites exist, the lowest number of saddle cloths would be your capital.

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Betting strategy for placebo

The favourites are the opponent of Placepot’s dividend; if you bet on the Placepot you will almost always be the most chosen player runner, the most smallest payoff is when you bet on the Placepot if you can find anything else instead. You’ll find that you’ll be the best runner by teams.

A common betting tactic from the placepot is to choose a set of bankers and create a larger community of runners for more challenging competitions. If you are the only horse to pick in races, a Placepot collection is regarded as a banker. It means that you put your whole trust in that horse.


The Quadpot is identical to the Placepot; instead of six, there are four races. Choose for each race at least one horse, so you get a return, if all of them are there.


The jackpot bet is available every day, bar Saturday, at one meeting. In the first six heats, choose a horse, and you win your share of the pool if they all win. It is incredibly difficult to win, so rolls and big payouts are normal.